SymMap integrates traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with modern medicine (MM) through both internal molecular mechanism and external symptom mapping, thus provides massive information on herbs/ingredients, targets, as well as the clinical symptoms and diseases they are used to treat for drug screening efforts.

Now, we updates the SymMap database into version 2.0 to embrace the recent data update, including the new version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in 2020, as well as HERB and DCABM-TCM databases. And we provides detailed annotation and classification for ingredients and symptoms, in order to accelerate the ranking and selecting of promising drug hits/leads.

For users’ convenience, the detailed relationships among symptoms and ingredients are shown as network figures. And a convenient module of GO/pathway enrichment for gene targets is presented in a user-defined way. Characteristic words of TCM are provided in a bilingual mode.



Users can browse all herbs, TCM symptoms etc., and navigate an interested herb or other component by clicking the SymMap ID in the browse page.


Users can explore for a particular herb, TCM symptom or other components in the search page. The search result includes a check list and a visualization page.


Users can download the description information for all the six components in a tabular format. The help information about this format is introduced in detail.